Mission Area

At The Project, we recognize that in order to address the issue of hurricane fatalities, we must also better understand the problem. The Project is dedicated to constant improvement, development, and growth.

Furthermore, we currently rely on “at home” technology to acquire the most timely and accurate meteorological and oceanographic data possible in order to make informed decisions. Not only is this for safety considerations – which is our #1 priority – but also to aid us in maximizing our efficiency of resources and accuracy in moving into the best position to affect rescue after the storm passes. 

Therefore, The Project seeks partnerships with universities, research institutes, and private parties interested in furthering the scientific research and/ or development in the field(s) of:

  • Public Safety 
  • Emergency Management
  • Meteorology 
  • Oceanography 

If you or anyone you know may be interested in working with us, please see “Get Involved